Daniel Craig über Twitter: “don’t mention” « The Telegraph

1. August 2011 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

The quotidian turn in proceedings prompts a query as to whether Craig is on Facebook.

“No, I am bloody not,” he says vehemently. “And I’m not on Twitter either. They’ve proved pretty useful in Egypt and they might yet prove useful in Iran, but here? ‘Woke up this morning, had an egg’? What relevance is that to anyone?” He’s building up a head of steam now. “Social networking? Just call each other up and go to the pub and have a drink. There’s some talk of a new class-system paradigm – that, in future, the world will be divided between those who ‘get’ social networking and those who don’t. I’m really not bothered. But I hope the generations to come learn to be a little bit cynical and learn how to mess it up a bit.”

via telegraph.co.uk


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